Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Project - Beekeepers quilt - The Mi Edition and a competition!!

I think I've fallen and hit my head, cause a couple of days ago I started probably the biggest project in my life, I'm going to make a beekeeper's quilt. It's a quilt made of hundreds of small, soft and puffy, hexapuffs. All individual knitted to later be sewn together. The creator of the beekeeper quilt pattern is the woman behind tiny owl knits you find her at So I will report my progress here (the first time I take you with me on one of my big projects), you can follow my status just by clicking the beekeeper's quilt label. And I will try to weekly update my hexipuff count, but not this week, because we are starting this off with a bang I'm going to have a little competition. Of course with a prize, the winner will win a bag of knitting stuff, some dpns, a ball of yarn (or two) and some knitting markers, all you need to start your own beekeepers quilt (or any other project of your choice).

So how do you win?

In the picture below you can see my hexapuff bowl (will be needing a bigger one later, but this will do for now). Now I want you to guess how many hexapuffs it takes to fill the bowl, and when I mean fill, I mean fill so when you try to put another one in, it falls out. One guess per person and per number, (so if someone taken a number, you can't guess that number). Place your guess in the comment section. When the bowl is filled I will announce the winner. Happy guessing!

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