Thursday, October 20, 2016

Glowing Seaside - Chibi Lights

Hi Guys!

Do you have those days when you just seem to forget everything? Well that has been my week, I actually posted two videos this week, neither I blogged and only one went live on my channel. And none of them got blog posts, because I forgot. But here is the first one.

I finally got to play with my chibi lights! I've had these real cool electronic lights for card making by Chibitronics for sometime now, I just never had time to use them! Then Christine released this awesome stamps set called Glowing Seaside. It has a real cute angler fish (angler fishes are not really cute, but this is) which has a glowing little ball and then I decided that the jellyfish needed to glow too.

YG01, YG23, YG25, YG17
B21, B24, B37, B39


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