Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Birthday Wishes

Hi Guys!

I've been dying to play with the new Distress Crayons, I've watched every little youtube video I could on the subject, kind of figuring out what I could or could not do with them. So when they dropped in in my mail a couple of days ago I just couldn't wait! I really bought them for my Mixed Media Journal but thought I would see how I could use them on my cards.

At the moment I'm totally crazy about using all of the techniques, trying out everything and I hope that you enjoy coming on that journey with me. The colour scheme for this card is directly picked out of one of the Distress Crayons packages, I so loved how they looked next to each other and I just had to play. Hope you enjoy the video.


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  1. Love what you created - such fresh colors! I can't wait to try those crayons too!


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