Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Gifting a day at the zoo?

Hi Guys!

Todays card it one of those where the inspiration came from watching youtube, artist youtube. I love watching people create, it's one of those things that makes me inspired, so I love youtube. I watch a lot of crafters but I also watch a lot of artists. I've been following this swedish artist called Bokkei for years, she makes wonderful portraits and she was one of the reasons I got my markers and later my coloured pencils. Her latest creation is a portrait in pencils on grey cardstock and I knew I just needed to try. And this is the very clean and simple card that came out of that playing session.

Polychromos Pencils:
White 9201-101
Ivory 9201-105
Warm Grey I 9201-270
Warm Grey II 9201-271
Warm Grey III 9201-272
Warm Grey IV 9201-273
Warm Grey V 9201-274
Dark Sepia 9201-175
Nougat 9201-178
Walnut Brown 9201-177
Burnt Umber 9201-280
Burnt Siena 9201-283
Brown Ochre 9201-182
Sanguine 9201-188
Terracotta 9201-186
Orange Glaze 9201-155
Middle Phthalo Blue 9201-152
Black 9201-199


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